Sad sms

Every time I texts you
But you didnt reply,
I was silent.
But when you left me,
I burst into tears
because you hurt Me More Than I Deserve..!
zindagi mli to kia mli.
ban ke bewafa mili.
itny mery gunah na they
jitni mjy saza mili
Sanpon ko Qaid kr liya ye keh kr Speron ne
k insan hi kafi Hein INSAN ko Dasney keliey
Frm my Heart:
“I Have Learned 2Care for people 2 much,
Not bcoZ they should care 4 Me.
But bcoZ I Know the pain oF being iGNORED.
A broken trust can be best described as a melted chocolate..
No matter what you do,
I t will never return to it’s original form…!!
A lovable person is a medicin 4 any kind of pain in this whole world
There’s no medicine available in whole world for the pain given by that lovable person.
Wel said:
Some OnE askEd me aRe u gettIng tired of being hurt?
I rEplEyd, i stil handle it..
ThY asked til WhEn?
I smiled aNd said… Until SoMeOnE get tired of
Never assume dat sumbody luvs u by their sweetness…
Sumtyms, u r just an option whn they r bored…
You Know Somebody,
And They Cry For You.
They Stay Awake At Night,
And Dream Of You.
I Bet You Never ,
Even Know They Do,
But Somebody Crying For You.
Crying Is Right At Hand,
In The Smothering Dark,
Closed Inside Someone Else,
When You See How Everything,
You Can Ever Accomplish,
Will End Up As Trash.
Heart is equal to a mirror, Mirror shows reflection, &
Heart shows affection.
Both have one equal quality,
can’t be reformed once broken.!
My eyes are hurting because I can not see you,
my arms are empty because I can not hold you,
my lips are cold because I can not kiss you
And my heart is breaking because I am not with you.
The pain is not on the day of missing our dear ones.
The pain is really when u live without them
& with their presence in your mind.
When i die don’t cry in front of my dead body
who knows my hands may come to wipe of your
tears that’s kind of love!
People change for 2 reasons:
1-They have learned a lot,
they have been hurt too many times.
Pain & Rain have a strong bonding when
you are in deep pain
You cry like a heavy rain &
when you see rain
You miss your loved ones and Feel the same pain….!
Very Cute Painful answer
When askd what is Gravity??
Sometimes How Hard We Try Not to Cry
but the tears Still Fall..
That’s Gravity.! 😦
Drawback Of Human Heart:
“It Makes Judgement & Punishment Whn Others R Wrong
It Expects Compromise & Understanding Wen We R Wrong.
Everyday I made myself strong….Keep making promises that not to remember you again,
But, Every night I re-read your old messages and don’t know why it makes me weak again…. 😦
do you know that
you’re nice, you’re sweet,
you’re thought of day by day,
you’re special, and you’re kind,
but there’s one thing wrong
about you,,, you’re not mine!
Love hurts when you break up with some one.
Hurts even more when someone breaks up with you
But love hurts the most when the person, you love has no idea how you feel
BEAUTY doesn’t make love but love makes BEAUTY;
BREAK everything but never BREAK the HEART;
HEART is the music, PLAY it but never play WITH it.
Nothing hurts more than realizing you meant everything to me,
but I meant nothing to you, take away love and our earth is a tomb.
If the relationship does not make you a better person,
then you are with the wrong person!!
One of the worst things that can
happen to a person is to be forgotten by
someone they will never forget.
My heart was taken by you,
broken by you, and now it is in pieces because of you.


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